This April, our Alcohol&Me programme is proudly celebrating its 10th Birthday – a significant milestone for the programme which started its life as a small internal Lion workshop back in April 2013. Since then, it has gone on to help educate more than 400,000* adult New Zealanders, something we think is worth celebrating!

10 years into our journey we are very excited about the difference Alcohol&Me is making in our communities but we know there is still a long way to go with many Kiwis still overestimating their drinking knowledge.

95% of participants say they would recommend Alcohol&Me to others
89% report making a positive change to the way they drink having completed an Alcohol&Me module. The most common reported changes being having alcohol-free nights and eating a meal before drinking.

Our research shows that perceived knowledge of alcohol in New Zealand is high – 9 out of 10 people rate their knowledge as good or better. However, while most people have heard of standard drinks, under half can actually provide the correct definition, and 30% incorrectly believe a standard drink is a single bottle of beer or glass of wine. If this is you, you might like to check out our interactive ‘Your Drink’ module here.

Few people know that the adult human liver can only process one standard drink or 10g of pure alcohol per hour, and that there is no way to speed this process up. Knowing these two simple facts is essential to making smarter, more informed drinking choices and will remain the focus of our Alcohol&Me journey for the next decade and beyond as we strive to  connect with more Kiwi drinkers.

You can help us on our mission by sharing this free online programme with your friends, family, and colleagues – or following us on Facebook (AlcoholAndMe), Instagram (alcoholandme_nz) and LinkedIn (alcohol-me).

Together we can all play a role in empowering New Zealanders to become more informed and make smarter decisions that keep them safe and sociable if they choose to drink.

Cheers to drinking smarter!