Short guide to make the good times last longer this Easter

Overindulgence in chocolate is not the only watch out for this time of year, but enjoying a drink and socialising with friends doesn’t mean you have to wake up with a hangover this Easter. At Alcohol&Me we want to help you make choices that are right for you when it comes to alcohol, so here are our top 5 tips to help you make the good times last longer this Easter:

Tip 1: Top tip for staying tip top:

You can have a great time without drinking alcohol. Never put pressure on others and don’t feel pressured yourself as we are all different. You should never feel like you must drink if you don’t want to. #youdrinkyou

Tip 2: Plan ahead

Think about how you want your drinking occasion to shape up before it begins and put plans in place to make it happen. These plans need to be more robust than have I got a front door key and my EFTPOS card. Your plan should cover you before you start drinking, while you are drinking and afterwards, so you can keep yourself safe and sociable. For example:

  • If you are heading out you might like to give some thought to what food you need to eat before you go (and it should be more than just Easter eggs!), how are you going to get to and from the venue – if you’re travelling by car, agree who the sober driver will be upfront and pack your pockets/bag with everything you need to have a good time
  • If you’re organising a party at home, you might want to give some thought to what food you are going to serve your guests (again it needs to be more than just chocolate to have any impact). Have you told the neighbours and arranged for someone to look after the kids so you can have a slower start the next day, have you got some yummy breakfast food in the fridge so don’t have to get in the car in the morning.

Regardless of the location, you would be wise to think about how much you want to drink, and if you know it is going to be a big night or a late night, make sure you don’t have commitments early the next morning.

Planning is not about removing all spontaneity and fun from your life or social events, but the decisions you make after the first drops of alcohol touch your lips will never be as good as the ones you make stone cold sober! If you weren’t a runner would you wake up one morning and decide to run a marathon that day? No. Success in any form requires planning and pre-thought so you can put a game plan in place. Drinking is no different if you don’t want to peak too early!

Tip 3: Pace & Space

The adult human liver can only process approximately one standard drink an hour – that’s just 10gms of pure alcohol not necessarily 1 bottle or 1 glass. If you drink more than this, the alcohol will start to back up in your system and your reactions and reasoning will be compromised. Stay in the zone by following our Alcohol&Me’s mantra;

  • Size – be aware of the size of your drinks and how strong they are
  • Pacekeep count of your drinks and think about how you can spread your drinks out over the night to help make the good times last longer. The more you drink, the more your body and mind will be affected, so don’t try to keep up with other people. Be yourself and drink at your own pace
  • Space – how can you spread your drinks out over the occasion to last the distance in style? Maybe it could be trying something non-alcoholic, how about introducing a spacer round or a dance/game of pool without a drink in your hand?

There are plenty of choices you can make to help slow down your alcohol intake and your body will thank you for it tomorrow.

Tip 4: Eat to last

Food won’t stop you getting drunk. If you drink more than 1 standard drink an hour you will feel the effects of alcohol, but a full belly will help to slow the pace at which your body absorbs the alcohol. To stay safe and sociable it is important to eat before and during the occasion, and for the best results the next day, start with a good meal when you wake.

Some good ‘drinking food’ choices include protein rich foods like eggs, meat and dairy products that release energy slowly which helps your body to absorb alcohol over a longer period. So next time you are hosting, think about how you can be the host with the most by offering more than just chip and dip. Think mini quiches, chicken nibbles, sushi, burgers, hotdogs, and cheese.

Tip 5: Quit while you’re ahead.

Don’t pass out, pass in instead. Know when it’s time to retire and action your plan for getting home. There is no shame in being the first to go home – in fact your body, especially your liver will thank you for it! The decisions you make about drinking and alcohol should be your decisions alone. No-one else knows exactly how you are feeling, and a ‘good time’ doesn’t need to be a ‘long time’.

If you’re taking a taxi/Uber, know who you can share a ride with to cut costs. If you plan on walking, best not to do it alone. Always let someone know and text a friend when you get there so they know you’ve arrived safe and sound.

Remember – how your day starts tomorrow depends on how tonight ends, so stop and think before you drink to keep yourself safe and sociable out there. 

Alcohol&Me team