There are heaps of reasons why lower alcohol beers are a smarter choice at a big drinking occasion but here are the top 3 that you, our Alcohol&Me followers have told us:

  • Each bottle tends to be less than 1 Standard Drink so it is easy to keep track of your drinks. Not sure what a standard drink is? Head here to find out.
  • You feel part of the drinking occasion without feeling pressured to get drunk.
  • Having a few beers with dinner or while watching the game doesn’t result in a killer hangover the next day.

Just like the lower ABV wines we shared last month, “light” beers have come a long way in recent times and they share the added benefit of looking pretty much the same in your hand just without the same alcohol and calories. Food for thought isn’t it?

If you are keen to give them a try yourself, here are 10 low or 0% beers we’d recommend based on feedback from our Alcohol&Me community. They’re listed from highest ABV to lowest and the standard drinks are based on a 330ml bottle/can:


Heineken Light

ABV: 3.3% | 0.9 Standard Drinks


Speight’s Mid Ale

ABV: 2.5% | 0.7 Standard Drinks


Steinlager Mid

ABV: 2.5% | 0.7 Standard Drinks


Mac’s Mid Vicious

ABV: 2.5% | 0.7Standard Drinks


Amstel Light

ABV: 2.5% | 0.7 Standard Drinks


Croucher Lowrider IPA

ABV: 2.5% | 0.7 Standard Drinks


Garage Project Fugazi

ABV: 2.2% | 0.6 Standard Drinks


Heineken 0

ABV: 0% | 0 Standard Drinks


Peroni Libera 0%

ABV: 0% | 0 Standard Drinks


DB Export Citrus

ABV: 0%* | 0 Standard Drinks

*Contains less than 0.03% alcohol due to the natural brewing process.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these great beers and any other tips you have for spacing and pacing yourself when you’re drinking so as always, please feel free to email us at

Like a good feed and plenty of water, lower ABV (strength) drinks are always going to be a better “friend”on a big night out. Remember how tomorrow starts depends on how tonight ends.


Alcohol&Me Team