Let’s be honest, low-alcohol or ‘light’ wines don’t have the best reputation. Historically they’ve often been described as watered down or flavourless. But that is all changing, and a lot of work has gone into the process of making lower strength wines over the last 5 years, especially here in New Zealand. These new wines are now just as good as the regular selection, offering the same texture, weight and mouthfeel that make us appreciate a great glass of wine. In this months article we have come up with our top picks on the best kiwi made low and no alcohol wines we think you should try.

The beauty of low-alcohol wine is that they still look and taste the same in your glass, but the lower alcohol levels mean you’re consuming fewer standard drinks – something your body and mind will thank you for the next day! If you’re not sure what a standard drink is, complete our fun, interactive “Your Drink” module here. And if you want to learn more about how alcohol effects your body, head to the “My Body” module here. It starts with a short video that gives you a great overview of exactly what’s going on inside when you drink.

Below is a list of 18 low and no alcohol wines that are both highly rated in the industry and also made right here in New Zealand. They are listed from highest strength (9.5%) to lowest (0%). Enjoy!

Please Note: The Standard Drinks referenced in the images below are based on a 100ml pour.

Wither Hills Early Light Sauvignon Blanc

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink – 140ml | RRP $16.99

Tropical guava, sweet Meyer lemon, perfumed Kaffir lime leaf and mandarin aromas stimulate the senses with underlying nuances of crunchy fresh garden salad and ripe red capsicum.


Yealands Lighter Sauvignon Blanc

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 140ml| RRP $14.99

Shows lifted notes of citrus blossom, elderflower, passionfruit and guava, underpinned with aromas of fresh citrus and herbs. The palate is full and lively with juicy tropical fruit that is balanced with a long, fresh mineral finish.


Villa Maria Private Bin Lighter Sauvignon Blanc

ABV – 9.5% | Standard Drink – 140ml | RRP $14.99

These grapes express ripe flavours with naturally balanced acidity when the grape sugar levels are lower than usual, therefore creating a full-flavoured wine with naturally lower alcohol.


Wither Hills Early Light Pinot Gris

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 140ml | RRP $16.99

Fresh classic aromas of bright white peach, grapefruit and pear with a spicy apple character underlying the primary citrus fruits.




Villa Maria Private Bin Lighter Pinot Gris

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 140ml| RRP $14.99

This Lighter Pinot Gris displays attractive floral aromas of white flowers and spring blossoms. The textural palate has flavours of pear and hints of exotic spices.


Wither Hills Early Light Rosé

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 140ml | RRP $16.99

This Rosé is refreshing in style with perfumed aromas of wild strawberries and fresh raspberries.




Stoneleigh Lighter Rosè

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 140ml| RRP $15.99

This playful wine is a gorgeous tea-rose pink hue, and greets with aromas of red berries and orchard fruits. The palate is fresh and vibrant, with juicy pear, red apple and ripe nectarine notes. The wine is light-bodied with a clean, fruity finish and just a touch of spice.


The Doctor’s Pinot Noir

ABV – 9.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 140ml | RRP $24.99

The world’s first Pinot Noir! Full of bright, red summer fruits with lifted floral notes, followed through by a rich palate with dark cherry, raisins and a nutty, savoury undertone. Impeccably structured, deliciously round and silky

Brancott Estate Flight Sauvignon Blanc

ABV – 9% | 1 Standard Drink – 145ml | RRP $13.99

This wine presents fragrant passion fruit, lemons and grapefruit on the nose. These aromas are followed by a sweet pungency and ripe lemon sherbet flavors that change to mangos.


Brancott Estate Flight Rosé

ABV – 9% | 1 Standard Drink = 145ml | RRP $17.99

On the nose this wine shows red berry notes with spiciness and tones of nashi pear supported by hints of honeyed complexity. The palate displays flavours of red apples, red berries and spice.


Selaks Reserve Hawke’s Bay Lighter Rosé

ABV – 9%| 1 Standard Drink = 145ml | RRP $14.99

A crisp, citrusy palate brimming with berry flavour. A clean, slightly off dry finish. An enticing nose showing fresh strawberry aromas and floral notes.


Brancott Estate Flight Riesling

ABV – 9% | 1 Standard Drink = 145ml | RRP $17.99

Aromas of citrus blossom, zesty lemon and lime abound. These aromas follow through on the palate to merge cohesively with typical flinty characters and a fleshy finish.



Lindauer Enlighten Sauvignon Blanc

ABV – 8.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 150ml| RRP $12.99

Crafted from Sauvignon Blanc grapes it has lifted aromas of lemons and limes bursting with tropical and stone fruits flavours resulting in a well-balanced sparkling wine.


Lindauer Enlighten Pinot Gris

ABV – 8.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 150ml | RRP $12.99

Full of citrus and floral aromas the palate is bursting with soft pear and apple notes balanced by flavours of honeysuckle. An off-dry style with a soft texture and delightful finish.


Lindauer Enlighten Moscato Rose

ABV – 8.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 150ml | RRP $12.99

The characteristic floral ‘grapey’ flavour of the Muscat grape is enhanced with a touch of Pink coming from our Pinotage grapes, the result a sweeter style wine bound to be loved. The floral bouquet of citrus blossom and sweet berries results in a fresh lingering taste.


Lindauer Free* Rosé

ABV – *0.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 2.5l | RRP $16.99

The Rosé is made predominantly from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from vineyards in Gisborne and Hawkes Bay. Bursting with hints of strawberries, red fruits and citrus. A lush, vibrant palate with a creamy, lingering finish. Enjoy the freedom.

Lindauer Free* Brut

ABV – *0.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 2.5l | RRP $16.99

The Brut is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from vineyards in Gisborne and Hawkes Bay. Fresh and vibrant, with aromas of green apples and citrus fruit. A delicate and creamy lingering finish.


Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc

ABV – 0.5% | 1 Standard Drink = 2.5l | RRP $14.99

This alcohol-removed wine offers delicate aromas of fresh lime, redcurrant and lemon shortbread. Delicious citrus flavours followed by distinct blackcurrant and passionfruit notes define this premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.


We would love to hear your thoughts on these and any other tips you have for pacing yourself on a night out so please feel free to email us at alcoholandme@lionco.com

Alcohol&Me Team