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Alcohol&Me is designed to help you understand alcohol and how it affects your body and mind. In the same way your best friend always has your back, we want to help you manage your drinking so you can stay safe and sociable when you are out and about socialising.

Alcohol&Me draws on expert information and research from New Zealand and around the world which is peer reviewed annually to keep it best in class. It is intended for educational purposes and serves as a general guide based on the average person 18 years+ so please speak to your health care professional for advice on your specific circumstances.

We are not collecting your answers to any of the questions so make the most of this opportunity to pick up some practical tips and advice that can help you to make the good times last longer. We are pretty sure you will be surprised by what you learn!

If you’re worried about your drinking, or someone else’s, have a chat with your doctor, or to the friendly folk at the other end of the Alcohol and Drug Helpline 0800 787 797.


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