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Everything you need to know about drink driving in NZ

Only 17% of Kiwi adults could confidently tell you what the drink driving limit is in NZ. Are you one of them? If not you better read on so you can make smarter drinking choices this summer and beyond.


Part 2: Alcohol and Mental Health Series: Healthier ways to relax

Following on from Part 1 in our Alcohol & Mental Health Series, this article provides you with some practical tips and advice to help you cut back and re-wire your drinking habits.

Part 1: Alcohol and Mental Health Series: How alcohol can impact your mental health

Have you ever had a drink to overcome anxiety or stress? If so please read on for some expert advice on how to protect your mental health if you choose to drink.

Nips, Measures, Pours, Standard Drinks: What do they all mean?

Confused by what these common alcohol terms mean? Well you’re not alone so check out this simple guide.


Happy Birthday to us – this month we are super excited to be celebrating our 10th Birthday so read on to see what’s been achieved so far and where to from here!

Top 3 ways to make the good times last longer in 2023

We want to help you to make 2023 a goodie so here are our Top 3 Tips for drinking smarter this year.

Facts about drinking that will keep you awake at night

This article explores the importance of sleep and what happens when your drinking starts to interfere with it.

How to host beautifully this spring

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Wither Hills to share some simple tips and amazing food & wine matching ideas for you to re-create a home so read on to find out how you can be the host with the most!

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